GigXR HoloScenarios Named to TIME’s List of the Best Inventions of 2022 - GigXR
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GigXR HoloScenarios Named to TIME’s List of the Best Inventions of 2022

GigXR, Inc., a global provider of holographic healthcare training, announced today that its mixed reality patient training application, HoloScenarios, has been awarded TIME’S 2022 Best Inventions. The list highlights 200 extraordinary, life-changing innovations, honoring HoloScenarios for its use of hyper-realistic, holographic patients to simulate real-world diagnosis and treatment of severe illness and health emergencies. GigXR partnered with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation to create the application’s Respiratory Module – the innovation earning HoloScenarios the award.

HoloScenarios was nominated by TIME editors, and was then evaluated based on key criteria, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact. Of the new list, TIME’s editors write: “The result is a list of 200 groundbreaking inventions (and 50 special mention inventions)—including life-mapping artificial intelligence, diamonds made from excess carbon in the air, and the most powerful telescope ever—that are changing how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible.”

Recognized as a “world’s first” in healthcare training, HoloScenarios simulates life-like patient scenarios for learners to practice the skills, judgment and real-time responses required for real-world clinical care in a safe setting. The holographic patient’s condition improves as learners correctly make decisions, perform interventions, prescribe medication and more –or deteriorates if the learners make the wrong decisions or act too slowly.

To ensure medical integrity and realism of HoloScenarios, GigXR partners with healthcare subject matter experts to inform and guide the creation of the holographic simulations. For the first module, GigXR partnered with the world-class medical experts and researchers at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation, whose real-world medical and educational expertise were integral in the design and development of HoloScenarios’ respiratory clinical simulations centered around asthma, anaphylaxis and pulmonary embolism.

“Simulation is a vital component of medical education, and it is one where advancements in technology can democratize top-tier training for learners around the globe,” said Arun Gupta, Consultant in Neurosciences and Trauma intensive Care and Anesthesiology, Cambridge University Hospitals. “GigXR has served as more than just technology partners in co-creating HoloScenarios, they have pioneered the innovation and infrastructure that have allowed us to transform some of the most complex and traditional teaching modalities into hyper-realistic, interactive training scenarios. Together, we’re driving the future of medical education, with a shared vision to make high-quality learning accessible on a global scale. We couldn’t be more honored to share TIME’S 2022 Best Inventions Award with the team and technologists at GigXR.”

Instructors and learners can join one another in accessing and interacting with HoloScenarios’ immersive holographic patient simulations from anywhere in the world, and in real time. This complements and enhances traditional resources, such as medical manikins and textbooks. It also allows institutions to scale their simulation, enabling learners to practice anywhere on or off campus, whether in a simulation center, classroom or home study space, requiring only internet access and a compatible device, such as a headset, smartphone or tablet.

“GigXR was founded to empower institutions with cutting-edge technology to enhance their curricula, and deepen students’ understanding and preparedness in all healthcare disciplines and stages of education,” said David King Lassman, Founder at GigXR. “We saw mixed reality coming to the forefront of future-ready training from day one, and because of that, have remained focused on building the technology that today is delivering the truest-to-life simulation to learners across the world. Partnering with the world-renowned medical experts at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation, has been a tremendous honor. Together, we are innovating medical training for the future, with TIME’s recognition reinforcing the potential mixed-reality training has to improve care for all patients.”

To bring holographic learning to more institutions globally, GigXR built an intuitive and powerful platform that delivers a broad array of holographic experiences that can be managed from one central dashboard. Today, the Gig Immersive Learning Platform hosts a rapidly-expanding catalog of mixed reality applications that span anatomy, simulated patient, and full clinical simulations.

“GigXR is simplifying and streamlining the creation, delivery and implementation of high-quality, holographic learning so that this cutting-edge technology can quickly become the new normal in medical and nursing teaching and training,” said Jared Mermey, CEO at GigXR. “The medical experts at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation, Morlen Health (a subsidiary of Northwest Permanente P.C.) and the University of Michigan have been integral in helping us get there. Being awarded TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions demonstrates the power of collaboration when delivering future-ready innovation today.”

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