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What we do


At GIGXR we strive to push the boundaries of conventional education, enhancing and transforming traditional teaching and learning. Our mixed-reality apps break through the limitations of screen-based resources by placing the digital in a collaborative physical space thus broadening the range and deepening the impact of learning.

In a future where lifelong learning will be essential, both schools, businesses and individuals will need access to learning that previously depended on physical spaces and resources that create challenges in both logistics and cost. GIGXR is working to end that dependence through high-quality learner-centered applications which leverage extended reality (XR).

for education and training in medical, nursing, health science, and anatomy



Visual Tools

Our flagship applications

facilitate clinical skills practice

and anatomy learning.



Designed to simulate, enhance and extend already existing pedagogical approaches, our tools support active and collaborative learning, simulation and visualization of 3D concepts. 

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