What is GigXR?

We’re using immersive technologies to reimagine instructor-led training and learning.

GigXR is a global provider of immersive 3D training solutions that powerfully transform collaborative learning. Our proprietary platform uses immersive, hyper realistic 3D simulations to make it easy for instructors to simplify complex real-world learning scenarios, address the shortfalls of a traditional 2D education, and enhance their existing pedagogical approach.

Image of a user using an iPHone to view an AR view of patience while others are wearing AR headsets to visualise the patient on an empty chair.

What we do.

Real-Time Holographic Content Across Devices

We know that now, more than ever, instructors need to scale their reach across large class sizes in remote or hybrid learning environments. Our 3D training solutions can be deployed from mixed reality headsets like the HoloLens to mobile devices anywhere without deterring instructional effectiveness.

Image of an Iphone with the app loadedAR headset
An image of a woman using her phone  to study the AR model of the human head

Simplifies complex, abstract models and brings them to life.

Immersive 3D solutions make it possible for students to observe accurate holographic models of traditionally impossible-to-see body regions, functions, and systems.

Image of 2 women using their phones to use GigXR HoloPatient model to study

Facilitates collaborative learning experiences in real-time.

Our standardized simulations exist within a learner’s real space, allowing them to explore the same content and hone their clinical skills as a group, no matter where they are physically located.

An image of a lecturer using AR headsets to teach

Empowers instructors to enhance their existing curriculum to meet specific training needs and goals.

Instructors save time and accelerate learning benchmarks with customizable content and session templates that can be stored, reused, and effortlessly deployed.

An image render of how GigXR AR would look like on the headset

Fosters critical thinking and empathy for diverse clinical patients and scenarios.

Ability to physically stand around and discuss true-to-life renderings of diverse standardized patient scenarios build empathy and inclusivity in an interactive learning environment.

“Enabling students to hear, see and interact with holographic models, and each other, provides some of the most cutting-edge and effective teaching and training modalities in our field.”
-Linda Herrmann
Arizona State University, PhD, RN

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