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HoloPatient renders true-to-life holographic video of real standardised patient performances that can be placed into a variety of classroom and clinical situations not achievable with mannikins.

Working individually, or in groups, students may repeat and replay declining medical scenarios to assess and discuss at their own pace.

Ten Different Illnesses

and injuries are presented with a choice of severity or progression.


Optional vital signs panel
provides additional data on-demand.


Immersive scenarios

drive empathy and a sense of urgency while still providing a safe-to-fail experience for learners focusing on visual observation, critical thinking, clinical assessment, and professional communication skills.

“To be able to see symptoms visually made them easier to understand and see how they relate to a condition”

Student, Otago Polytechnic

“We believe this new technology has the capacity to engage learners and increase their understanding. Ultimately, it will benefit patient care.”


Dr. Jane Frost, University of Canberra


HoloHuman brings a virtual anatomical model with accurate and detailed features into any classroom, at any time. Seeing the human anatomy in true 3D helps students to understand the body structures, their functions and their relative position to each other better than a textbook or screen display.

Explore twelve body systems

comprised of thousands of distinct body parts, which are named and described in detail.

Rotate and resize the model

enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of three-dimensional relationships in the

human body.

Replicate a cadaveric dissection 

while visualising structures not readily seen in cadavers, such as the lymphatic system.

Follow the path of a catheter

breathing tube, or syringe needle should take when placed correctly, while also seeing all surrounding and interacting structures.

“We have used the HoloHuman for revision for year 1 Bioscience. Students are able to come to a revision session, prepared with what they want to revise, and use the HoloHuman to assist them in this revision. It gives the student an opportunity to be self-directed in their learning.”

Emma Collins,

MSN, Principal Lecturer, College of Nursing,

Otago Polytechnic