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HoloPatient is an immersive 3D learning application that helps students assess, diagnose, and treat real-world conditions through true-to-life holographic simulations of standardized patient scenarios.

What Does HoloPatient Do

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Offers Standardized Practice With Life-Like Patients

Replace expensive patient actors with holograms that are standardized and collaboratively accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Creates Immersive, Safe-to-Fail Learning Environments

Give students the opportunity to explore the same simulated patient scenarios in a closely controlled setting, removing pressure and risks associated with real patients and actors.

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Simulates Real-Life Scenarios Explored In Real-Time

Let students develop, and hone skills for enhanced clinical preparedness by using visual cues and data to assess patient conditions, infer a diagnosis, and collaborate on the best approach to treatment 
and care.

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Delivers Customizable Patient Scenarios, Effortlessly Deployed

Enhance existing curricula with content that instructors can tailor to institutional and learner needs, easily deploy across multiple devices, and save for repeated future use. 

students using AR to learn

Offers Adaptable Solutions for Remote or Hybrid Learning

Allow instructors and students to access HoloPatient on their own mobile devices and interact with each other in real-time via VoiP, wherever they are located.


“We can talk about anaphylaxis, but that’s not like actually seeing a patient go into shock. Through Holopatient, you can explore nuances of patient presentations that are hard to replicate in other ways.”
- Dr. Jane Frost
(DNP, Program Director, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Public Health)
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