HoloHuman is the world’s first 3D human anatomy atlas that uses full-size, immersive holograms to allow instructors and students to explore regions of the body, 11 different systems, and more than 4,500 named and described structures.

What Does HoloHuman Do

Acts as a Cost-Effective and Repeatable Resource

We know that now, more than ever, instructors need to scale their reach across large class sizes in remote or hybrid learning environments. Our 3D training solutions can be deployed from mixed reality headsets the HoloLens to mobile devices anywhere without deterring instructional effectiveness.

Enables Unprecedented Insight Into Human Anatomy

Give instructors and students the opportunity to fully rotate and virtually dissect 3D anatomical models with accurate visualizations of body systems that are typically difficult or impossible to see in a cadaver.

Creates Collaborative and Immersive Learning Environment

Let multiple students share and assess the same hologram to foster genuine observation and exploration, and drive discussion of real-life learning applications.

Offers Adaptable Solutions for Remote or Hybrid Learning

Allow instructors and students to access HoloHuman on their own mobile devices and interact with each other in real-time via VOIP, wherever they are located.


“HoloHuman provides students with an incredible level of realism and spatial awareness of anatomy that is hard to provide  through conventional methods such as physical models, standard two-dimensional images and human body diagrams.”
- Dr. Jane Frost
(DNP, Program Director, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Public Health)
"Students are able to come to a revision session, prepared with what they want to revise, and use the HoloHuman to assist them in this revision. It gives the student an opportunity to be self-directed in their learning.”
- Emma Collins
MSN, Otago Polytechnic

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