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Thank you!We will reach out shortlyUntil then, see how you can use GigXR

Watch Carle Illinois College of Medicine combine apps to train on Asthma

Please pay attention to:

  • Realism of holograms vs. manikins, virtual reality, etc.;
  • Ability to see their surroundings and each other, which drives collaboration and high level of communication between participants;
  • Robustness of scenario including multiple users performing different activities simultaneously;
  • Sounds emitted by patient and equipment to enhance immersion and realism;
  • (First shown at 0:16) Use of hands to move holographic tools and equipment;
  • (First shown at 1:15) No requirement for heavy equipment;
  • (First shown at 1:33) Participant specific equipment (e.g.; stethoscope) that sends sounds only to that user when appropriately placed against patient;
  • (Good example at 1:35) Vivid detail of patient animations and visual cues that are important for proper assessment. In this case, detailed use of accessory muscles in the neck;
  • (Good example at 2:20) Different sounds when applying stethoscope on patient’s back versus front;
  • (First shown at 3:10) Prescribing and administering medication including choices of dose, route, frequency and accessory to use;
  • (First shown at 4:40) Avatar for a remote participant joining the session who sees the same set of holograms in the same respective positions in their physical space (this participant happened to be 9500 miles away in Singapore);
  • (First shown at 6:33) Detailed view of lung and alveoli, including animations and sounds
  • (First heard at 6:33) “ANI,” a virtual assistant, who can provide details on the visualizations which is great for self-learning (NOTE: you can mute ANI for collaborative work)
  • (First show at 6:58) Detailed view of the lung and alveoli presenting the impact of asthma
  • (First shown at 7:40) Detailed view of asthma exacerabation’s impact on lung and alveoli

Video originally shared as keynote for IEEE/ACM Chase 2022

Simulation facilitated by Roberto Galvez at the Jump Simulation Center at Urbana

Attribution and support:
Carle Illinois College of Medicine (Inki Kim, Roberto Galvez, and Dean Mark Cohen)

HoloScenarios: Respiratory Module — by GigXR in collaboration with Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
Insight Lung — by ANIMA RES