Healthcare Instructors

We provide fully scalable, customizable holographic teaching and training solutions that empower instructors to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

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Observe and Assess Through Real-Time Annotation
Instructors can simultaneously view and label learning content to focus student attention and response.
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Create and Save Lesson Plans to Fit Any Curriculum
Save sessions and customized content for future use, with the option to create session templates that you can reuse and effortlessly deploy.
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Accessible, Cost-Effective Remote Learning Solutions
Institutions can supply students with mixed reality headsets or allow them to access learning applications from their own mobile devices.
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Instantly launch and share secured content sessions
Launch, download, and share public or private sessions instantly with a QR login code that students can access with the click of a button.
“Alternative ways of viewing and the learning platform from GigXR will enhance the mixed reality applications’ ability to engage and motivate health students, as well as increase accessibility of the content.”
- Dr. Jane Frost
University of Canberra

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AR model of Holopatient

Holochem Exemplifies The Power Of Immersive Learning

It’s a well-worn but still highly relevant idiom, especially in our era of information overload. Digital textbooks and e-Learning revolutionized the classroom as just-in-time sources of raw information and knowledge. The hard part is applying that knowledge to practical use with precision and confidence. It’s a common goal and yet still very challenging for our global community of instructors.

AR model of Holopatient

Why Realism Matters In Nursing Simulation

There is a huge and obvious difference between a $200 task trainer and a $30,000 patient simulator. It’s clear in the physical appearance of the manikin, its functionality and the breadth of skills it can be used to teach.


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