Device Manufacturers

We work with mixed reality device manufacturers to integrate your device offerings with a diverse, high-value ecosystem of universities, research institutions, and content providers.

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Accelerated Device Sales Across New Markets
Our worldwide portfolio of nursing and medical schools, teaching hospitals, and simulation centers can help you drive device sales across a valuable partner network.
Integration With a Diverse Mixed Reality Ecosystem
Our immersive learning platform allows you to rapidly scale within a critical ecosystem of higher education, research institutions, and content providers that see the need for mixed reality devices.
Full Utilization of the Potential of Your Device
Our 3D teaching and training applications prove out the power of what your XR devices are built for, allowing you to flex the capabilities of your hardware to new, rapidly growing audiences.
“Training and education are extremely compelling use cases for our mixed reality headsets. Content developed by our mixed reality partners such as GigXR transforms the learning process, especially in highly technical applications.”
- Greg Sullivan
Director of Mixed Reality at Microsoft

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Students learning about the human skeletal system using AR

Healthcare And Technology Experts Weigh In On Mixed Reality

Immersive learning has become part and parcel of quality training across a variety of fields. Industry leaders are turning to cutting-edge, research-backed technology to prepare learners for sustained success in a future where digital literacy is a crucial skill across disciplines.


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