We work with mixed reality content developers to collaborate on developing visual educational tools and provide you with new routes to market for your content, in addition to access, distribution, increased revenues, and enhanced profitability.

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Increased Reach for Your Immersive Educational Content
Our extensive relationships with learning institutions around the globe can provide you with valuable new audiences for your mixed reality applications.
Fully Scalable Platform for Rapid Distribution
Our ever-expanding platform and list of institutional partners allows you to easily distribute and scale your existing mixed reality content to market.
​​“Having built the most comprehensive software platform for rendering 3D anatomical models, we see the real value in having a mixed reality immersive learning platform because it allows instructors to share an entire structured anatomy curriculum and make concepts visual.”
- Niall Johnston
3D4Medical from Elsevier

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Student learning using GigXR Holopatient VR app

ROI In XR: A Look At Standardized Patients

Today’s students have the advantage of technology that enables them to gain more skills in a no-risk environment before they head out in the real world and to have tools that aid them in diagnostics and monitoring.


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