How We Got Started

GIGXR was formed in 2019 by an expert team of educators, nursing specialists, 3D designers, technologists, and futurists to address the shortcomings of traditional 2D curricula with cutting-edge immersive teaching and training solutions.

Our mixed reality platform and applications, which blend physical and digital elements to enable ultra-realistic and collaborative 3D learning environments built for hybrid and remote classes, include over four years of R&D, with solutions that are backed by extensive peer-reviewed research. We’ve earned the confidence of Elsevier, Microsoft, the United States Department of Defense, and even the National Health Service to foster a critical ecosystem of institutions, content providers, and device manufacturers who are at the forefront of mixed reality teaching and training.

Touted as one of the few XR companies that seeks out and meets a real need in the market, we now have a global roster of leading educational institutions using our flagship applications, HoloPatient and HoloHuman, and are continuously developing new solutions that powerfully impact the way the world uses mixed reality solutions for enhanced learning outcomes.

“Operating at the intersection of the $252 billion education market and the $61 billion extended reality industries, GIGXR is actually mining one of the few veins where virtual reality has found a real customer pain point.”
- TechCrunch

Meet our team

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David King Lassman

David King Lassman is an entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in EdTech, AdTech and digital content spaces. He leads teams across three continents in building and driving innovation around extended reality (XR) medical education and enterprise learning.

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Joy Jacobs
VP Sales, North America

Joy started her career as a trauma nurse, applying first-hand experience to create and launch immersive simulation solutions and lead teams to surpass annual revenue targets at the top three patient simulation companies.

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Garry Putland
VP Global Sales

Garry has worked as an educator and technologist for over 30 years and was formerly Head of Global Sales for Pearson Immersive. Garry’s career has been focused on developing and driving 3D teaching solutions for hundreds of institutions and thousands of students around the globe.

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Ksenia Sejenkova
Product Manager

Ksenia is experienced in immersive education as a developer and designer, previously leading VR video development at Pearson. At GigXR, Ksenia focuses on research and development of cutting-edge 3D solutions and prototypes to solve 2D and VR learning limitations using XR and AI.

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Jared Mermey

Jared has helped launch and grow B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies across Fintech, Mobility, SaaS, MarTech, and Social. He understands recurring revenue businesses including building and measuring robust acquisition funnels and success operations to grow accounts.

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Stephen McIver
VP of Product Strategy

Stephen applied his master’s degree in biomedical engineering to a career creating AR/VR/MR experiences for military and retail, and managing multi-million projects at Raytheon Technologies. He leads cross-platform app development and strategy at GigXR incorporating patient practice perspective as a former EMT and firefighter.

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Lindsey Henn
Marketing and PR

Lindsey carries 15 years leading media relations and go-to-market launch strategies for startups intersecting SaaS, healthcare and AR. She drives GigXR’s public relations, thought leadership and marketing strategies, event activations and speaking.

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Linda Bush
VP Client Experience

Linda leads client implementation and support with hands-on training and consultation on pedagogical and curricular integration. Linda was formerly Head of Implementation for Pearson Immersive, led STEM course strategy and deployment, and holds a PhD in chemistry from Yale.

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Chris Hartman
VP of Product

Chris draws on his 20 years of experience as a technology researcher and executive to develop standout, award-winning products. He is dedicated to applying deep market research to shape GigXR’s solutions that meet very specific institutional and industry stakeholder needs.

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Nick Day
Senior Unity Manager

Nick is a software developer and system architect manager at GigXR. Nick has worked with Unity for nearly a decade, having built interactive, immersive simulations for both training and gaming industries.

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Vahe Karamian
Product Development Scientist

Vahe is a system engineer and architect who leads the R&D and product development efforts at GIGXR. For the past decade, he has provided guidance and R&D to startups using AR/VR/MR technologies in various fields such as education, entertainment, and consumer products.

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Julia Maliauka
Unity Engineer

Julia specializes in game development, DevOps, 3D art, and UI/UX design, and was a former software engineer at Raytheon, developing software and automating software testing. She was also a computer science tutor and research student at leading universities.

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Nicolas Herrera
Unity Engineer

Nic specializes in XR Development and Design and was a former software engineer at Charles River Analytics. He cut his teeth in reality innovation at Raytheon as a VR Intern. His research has been featured in Frontiers and IEEE VR while as a Research Assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Ryan McIntyre
Unity Engineer

Ryan specializes in game development, computer graphics, bottleneck analysis and optimization as a 3D engineer and brings teaching perspective to GigXR as a former university lecturer focusing on programming languages, analysis of algorithms, computer graphics and game development alongside research in discrete mathematics and combinatorial algorithms.

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Mateo Parra
3D generalist

Mateo is a 3D generalist and experienced designer focusing on 3D art, UI/UX design and game development. His passion is in creating immersive experiences through the power of AR/VR/MR, inspired by travels and the world as his creative reference book.

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Lucas Magon
Unity Engineer

Lucas is an Unity Engineer with almost a decade of experience making games and interactive experiences in XR. As a metaverse lover and Design Thinking enthusiast, he also specializes in AR and VR development, having worked with innovation teams for clinics, hospitals and tech-startups in Latin America.

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Galen Tingle
Senior 3D Artist

Galen is a senior 3D artist at GigXR, specializing in art, coding and creation of visualization holographic software. Galen comes from Case Western Reserve University, serving as vanguard for multiple anatomy model creations. He was previously a professional figurative sculptor and started his career in WebXR (then Web3D) in Silicon Valley.

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Dave Lin
VP, Engineering

Dave is a 25-year technology veteran with leadership roles at companies like Fila, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Razorfish. He was recently involved in building a billion-dollar PaaS business for a global brand. He is an advisor for several startups.

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Leo Malave
Senior Web Engineer

Leo is an experienced full-stack web and XR developer with over 20 years of experience implementing enterprise content management systems, as well 6 years of experience implementing VR and AR applications.


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